Previous projects in which I have been involved have varied from visualisation of various excited-state orbitals of hydrogen atoms to classical cryptography. The material here includes serious academic research as well as undergraduate assignments.

Current Projects

Making "stable" emulsions Microfluidic emulsions Emulsions can be prepared by microfluidics that are stable on the lab bench for years. With a bit of extra chemistry, can they also be made stable to heating and mechanical agitation? more »
Miniature NMR instrumentation Miniature NMRs Solvent relaxation NMR with custom, miniaturised instrumentation to look at the surface chemistry and structure of near-surface layers. more »
Surface structures of polymer solutions in confined geometries Surface structures Measurements of the inter-surface and near surface structures of polymer gels under compressive forces have been made using a new neutron compression cell. more »
Light scattering of non-spherical particles Light scattering Light scattering cross-sections are calculated numerically for a variety of nanoparticles using the Discrete Dipole Approximation. more »
Bumblebee instrument management system Bumblebee Instruments and equipment are booked and shared between users through a free, web-based management system. more »

Previous Projects

Ultrasonic initiation of polymerisation reactions Sonochemistry Various polymers are synthesised in dispersed-phase polymerisations where the reaction is initiated with ultrasound. more »
Surface forces and lactose in dry powder inhalers Lactose Raman microscopy is used to identify the crystal forms of lactose. more »
Knobs on malaria-infected red blood cells Malaria knobs AFM studies of the surface of malaria-infected human red blood cells show the knob-associated histidine rich protein on the cell surface. more »
RAFT in Emulsion Polymerisation RAFT Polymerisation Living free radical polymerisation is undertaken in emulsion polymerisation systems using the Reversible Addition-Fragmentation chain Transfer technique. more »
Visualisation of molecules using POV-Ray POV-Ray Pretty 3D pictues of molecules can be prepared using the free POV-Ray visualisation software. more »
Particle formation in emulsion polymerisation Homogeneous nucleation A model was developed for the homogeneous nucleation process and applied to the problem of growing very large particles in emulsion polymerisation reactions. more »
Interaction forces between coated particles and surfaces AFM force measurement Atomic Force Microscopy was used to measure interaction forces between coated particles and surfaces. more »
Quantum particle in a stadium: calculations stadium calculations The behaviour of a Gaussian wavefunction within a 'stadium' is investigated using an explicit integration technique to propagate the wavefunction. more »
Quantum particle in a stadium: visualisation stadium visualisation The Gaussuan wavefunction in the 'stadium' potential is visualised using AVS5. more »
Visualising orbitals in excited hydrogen atoms Hydrogen orbitals 3D visualisations of the atomic orbitals of a hydrogen atom are visualised. more »
Classical cryptography Classical cryptography Investigations and sample programs for a variety of classical cryptography techniques. more »

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